My Weather with iWeather

About one year ago, I wrote about a mobile application built by Ergon, the company I’m working for. Since then, the iPhone has emerged, and found a lot of friends all around the world.

One of them is our CEO, Patrick Burkhalter. He decided to launch a development project for the iPhone. Since he is also a passionate paraglider pilot, he choose „Swiss weather“ as the application’s subject.

For a few days now, the application can be bought in the App Store. Its name: Have a look at the wind stream (animated on the iPhone):

Detailed information about the available functions you’ll find on

Already we’ve received feedback from happy customer. To noone’s surprise, some would also like to see more data. I’m with them. On my personal wishlist: animated satellite images, pressure difference graphs including forecasts, wind forecasts, animated isobar graphs including forecast… there is no end to that. – Since forecast data is quite expensive everywhere, and our vendor MeteoSwiss is no exception to the rule, it hasn’t been decided yet, whether future releases will include more forecast functions.

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